Java game applet -early dev stage-

Instructions : use the cursor arrows keys to move the ship in all 4 directions; space bar to shot.

Known glitches at this point :
  • the applet will force focus on the content part of the navigator window, meaning you cannot type a URL in the location bar. Just click "back", use a bookmark, or simply close the window to get rid of the applet.
  • Although all of the background images are loaded in memory at once when the applet is launched; most of the animation images are not. This means that the ennemy explosion, the ship's animations steps and the destroyed ennemy crater will not appear immediately, causing a few visual glitches until they're loaded.
  • There's currently only one ennemy, which will appear always at the same place and will always move the same way. This is meant to be this way at this point of the dev, the ennemy is just here for testing purpose.