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    Friday, October 15th : Ricoh RDC i-700 received
    Device securised this morning! No page for it yet; will be one some day.

    Wednesday, September 15th : Sharp MI-10 added
    Created a page for the Sharp MI-10 i've received.

    Friday, July 23rd : new homepage, new machines listed
    My collection reached 49 units yesterday as i've received 2 new watches. Added them to the list (no pages yet) and changed the homepage to a weblog format.

    This feature will soon be available

    Casio FX-7500g
    Graphic programmable calculator
    I'm sorry, but I will not reply to user manual requests or to dealer location inquiries anymore.

    Please read my FAQ page that might help you if you have any of these questions in mind.
    Feel free to contact me for any other question or comment regarding this machine!

    Special features :
    With a very compact design and much more memory than it's "non foldable" parent model, i think it's a really appealing machine.
    One could however be disappointed with the flat keyboard, although i do think it provides a good tactile feedback and a very functionnal layout.
    Special notice about this one : it's the one i've passed my college exams with!
    Apart from that, i've been amazed by the machine when it was released : this machine is a basically a foldable version of the Fx-7000G, yet it provides MUCH MORE memory (memory is about 6x as large as the Fx-7000G memory!) in a much smaller package.
    This foldable casing is a fun Casio specificity : the exact same casing was used for 3 different devices: this calculator; a databank/organiser; and a financial calculator.
    I think the idea of integrating a scientific programmable calculator is such a compact casing is just great. With it's important memory (almost 4 KB, which sounds big enough for efficient mathematic programs even today), it really gave a feeling of having efficient computing power in the pocket, whereas other calculators just provided "what can be expected" from a regular-format machine!

    The machine had it's detractors too, mostly due to the flat keyboard. As for me, i've never seen this as a problem, also because i think the key layout is much better and more efficient than on the FX-7000G

    Using the limited Casio language, i was able to develop a Poker game and a Battleship game on the machine!
    My goal when developping the poker game was to be able to play against the machine without being able to guess it's cards simply by watching it's play. So i made it able of bluffing... Worked so great that i just stopped playing against it!!! :)
    The Battleship program used the graphic display, but as i left college during the development, i've never completed it. It was playable up until the time when the machine would find a first piece of ship. I've never made it able to search around for the rest of the ship...

    Memory : 4006 steps + 26 variables (adjustable)
    Programming language : Fx-X000 compatible
    Display : 96x64 pixels; 8 rows of 16 characters; B&W
    Processor type : -
    Ports : none

    Related machines in my collection :
    Casio Fx-7000G : the first graphic calculator ever, the "regular format" version of the Fx7500G

    Casio FC-1000 : the financial calculator using the same foldable casing

    Casio PB-1000 : not totally related, except for the foldable casing part; the Basic computer which i used along with the Fx-7500G for my college exams! :)