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Casio VDB-1000 menu 2 applications

The menu 2 gathers the "non data bank" applications. From this screen, one can access the calculator and the Stop watch, access the setup screens for the alarms and the time, and access the OPTIONS menu.
I've detailled the OPTIONS menu in its own page here.

This is a classic calculator screen, in a touch screen version. Aside from the screen keys, the DOWN function key is also used in the calculator as the "=" and the FUNCTION key resets the calculator.
This is the place to set the 5 possible alarm time, and turn the hourly shime on or off. As this a total of 6 setup lines, the UP/DOWN key allow to scroll up and down in the list.
Stop Watch
This is an application with large sensitive buttons, that make the app really pleasant to use. The two buttons switch to SPLIT and STOP when the stop-watch is running.
This is the time adjust screen, with the (relative) comfort of the sensitive keyboard.

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