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    Friday, October 15th : Ricoh RDC i-700 received
    Device securised this morning! No page for it yet; will be one some day.

    Wednesday, September 15th : Sharp MI-10 added
    Created a page for the Sharp MI-10 i've received.

    Friday, July 23rd : new homepage, new machines listed
    My collection reached 49 units yesterday as i've received 2 new watches. Added them to the list (no pages yet) and changed the homepage to a weblog format.

    This feature will soon be available

    Casio VDB-1000 Virtual Data Bank Watch
    Touchscreen DataBank and Organiser Watch
    I'm sorry, but I will not reply to user manual requests or to dealer location inquiries anymore.

    Please read my FAQ page that might help you if you have any of these questions in mind.
    Feel free to contact me for any other question or comment regarding this machine!

    Click here to access my VDB-1000 website and know more about the first ever touchscreen watch!

    Special features :
    - Sensitive screen!
    - Graphic display!
    - Plenty of features!

    Weak points :
    - Data input is pretty much of a Zen training (regular-sized fingers + tiny flat sensitive areas = ouch!!)

    Related machines in my collection :
    Casio Touchscreen precursors :
    Casio IF-8000
    Casio PB-1000
    Casio "High-Features" watch :
    Casio WQV-1
    Another weird databank watch :
    Seiko DATA-2000

    Have you ever imagined some day digital watches would be sensitive-screen operated?!
    Ok, to be honest, maybe it's not the best idea ever, since it's quite hard to use this screen with regular sized finger, and no other tool are very efficient. Other tools will either damage the screen or provide a good equivalent to fuzzy typing with the fingers.
    I've actually found out that the little erasers on top of some pencils are quite efficient, though...
    But i've used this watch for a long time, and it is VERY convenient once data are inside!
    The memory is stored for a short while during batteriy replacement, which makes it unnecessary to re-enter all data. It's much better this way!
    The overall design of this machine is very good, i like this watch very much.
    Unfortunatly, the case seems a bit fragile, it will suffer a everyday use and soon get scratches...
    Casio produced other sensitive screen watches since this model, but the VDB-1000 remains the most powerful one, with a full graphic screen and various sensitive keys uses, and it is now considered as a valuable collectors item.

    Processor : ?? OS : Proprietary
    RAM : Approx 1.6KB ROM : ??
    Graphic display : 60 x 32 Text display : 10 x 4
    Display : B&W Input : 20 keys touchscreen

    Built-in Applications :
    telephone data bank;memo data bank; password-protected memo zone; schedule; calendar; world time with graphic world map (see picture); calculator; stop-watch; 5 alarms times; setup and memory managing, roman/japanese sensitive keyboards.

    Open to other applications : No
    Ports :