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    Friday, October 15th : Ricoh RDC i-700 received
    Device securised this morning! No page for it yet; will be one some day.

    Wednesday, September 15th : Sharp MI-10 added
    Created a page for the Sharp MI-10 i've received.

    Friday, July 23rd : new homepage, new machines listed
    My collection reached 49 units yesterday as i've received 2 new watches. Added them to the list (no pages yet) and changed the homepage to a weblog format.

    This feature will soon be available

    Devices i'm looking for
    Here is a list of machines i would love to find and add to my collection

    If you know where i can find one of these, please contact me using the link on the right.

    This list is not comprehensive, so if you own, or if you know of any other machine that is not is the list below and if you think i might find it interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Machines i'm looking for :
    • Epson RC-20
      This wristwatch was released by Epson in the 80's and it seems it included a touch-screen and a programming language. I'd be interested in the device itself, or it any information regarding this device. 2005/06/10 Update : I'VE RECEIVED A RC-20!!! Many thanks to Niclas Nielsen!! I would never had thought i'd ever get one! Still looking for any original or compatible software, the "Rom Loader" module, or any other software or hardware to use with the watch.

    • Casio FP-200
      This was not actually a pocket computer, but instead a notebook-sized machine with a 4 lines LCD display. 2005/06/10 Update : I've found a Casio FP-200! One more time, thanks to Niclas Nielsen i've been able to secure a FP-200 from an eBay auction. I'm not looking for another one any more.

    • Nokia 9000
      I already own two models from the 9XXX family. The Nokia 9000 is the first one of this kind, i'm looking for one to add to my collection.

    • Working EO 440/880 or EO Power Supply
      I already own an EO 440, but the very specific power supply is missing. I am looking either for a working EO-440 with it's working power supply, or for a power supply alone. I'm also looking for an EO 880, either loose or with it's power supply. 2005/06/10 Update : I now have a Power-Supply No need to say to whom the thanks should go, as his name is already mentionned twice in this page, you should know by now! I still have to test my EO-440 with the power supply, so that i know if i own a working device or not.

    • Epson Chronobit
      The Epson Chronobit is a high-tech graphic display wrist watch released by Epson in the 90's or early 2000's. I'm looking either for one, or for details/specs about it (most pages about it are in japanese, which makes it harder to learn about the device).

    • Ricoh i-700
      This device is a digital camera that was released in Japan and maybe also in the USA. I'm interested in any model, Japanese or US, if any.

      2004/10/15 Update : I've acquired a ricoh i-700 i'll still be looking for US or European localised models.

    • Kyocera Refalo
      I already own one Kyocera Refalo in my collection. I'm looking either for another one, as the device is rare and i'd love to own more than one for preservation purpose; or for any of the extensions that are "plugged" as pages and use the electric induction system to communicate. I'm interested in the Keyboard extension page, for instance.