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    Wednesday, july 2nd : new version online
    The games/consoles is now redesigned according to the site new identity; and i've included more content. I hope i'll be able to update this part as often as i wish with new content, reviews and columns...
    This part will soon be functionnal

    My favorite games
    Here's the first shot of what i expect to become a complete part in the future!
    This page lists the games i've loved during my gaming years. I'll start by a quick list and i hope i'll put more details and content here soon enough...

    Shoot-them-ups :

    Now that's a kind of games i was crazy about a few years ago. I still do enjoy a good shoot-em-up play, but as the genre has somehow disappeared, there are not much release to make a choice out of the recent production...

    Slap-Fight - Amstrad CPC (and arcade) - as this game was an arcade port; there were several ports of very variable quality. The amstrad CPC version got me playing for hours... The Atari ST version, on the other hand, was very deceiving (alhough the musics were good!).

    Star Parodia - PC-Engine - Definitely one of the most complete and playable shoot-them-up from the 16 bit era. a "Kawai" (cute) atmosphere, beautiful colorful graphics, a smooth gameplay, numerous powerful weapons...

    NEXZR - PC-Engine - the PC-Engine was THE shoot-them-up machine. Nexzr is *HARD* but somehow it's so addictive you cannot stop trying again and again and again....

    R-Type Delta - Playstation - just brilliant! See my review!

    Action RPGs :

    Adventure - Atari VCS 2600 CPC - i consider it the father of the Zelda Generation games... despite the square graphics and the total lack of a storyline and text information, there were objects to collect; monsters, treasures to unlock, dungeons... labyrinths. One play would last just a few minutes; but the excitement was a concentrated version of a 16 bit RPG play!

    Zelda : link's awakening Game Boy - the very first RPG i actually played (apart from Adventure!) and got me into 16 bit RPGs! I am not that fond of the Super Nintendo Episode, though.

    Neutopia/Neutopia II - PC-Engine - This game only exists in Japanese, so, well, i played it without understanding a word! I understood it's a great game, however; even if the quality doesn't match a Super Nintendo game.

    Secret of Mana - Super Nintendo - A Square game! Enough said?! You have to play this!

    Chrono Trigger - Super Nintendo - i discovered the game under emulation; never found it for sale anywhere. I would say i like it even more than Secret of Mana, but those games are different enough to have their place together in my selection!

    Tactical RPGs :

    Shining Force I & II - Sega Megadrive/Genesis - The games i discovered tactical RPGs with... A Wonderful series!!...

    Nectaris/NeoNectaris - PC-Engine - RPGs and even more Tactival RPGs were not common for that machine. Nectaris is the only Tactical RPG i've heard of for the Nec system, and it's playable and interesting. As it's entirely in japanese, i had a hard time remembering all of the units specifications, firing range and so on; which made building strategies even more difficult; and was quite frustrating! But i enjoyed the game a lot, however!

    Advance Wars - Game Boy Advance - A must-have...

    Transarctica - Atari ST - A very cool game with an atmosphere of it's own. The tactical part features very original train battles! I'd love to play it again under emulation...

    Front mission III - Sony Playstation - I've hesitated before adding this game into my selection. It is a very good game indeed. I like it a lot, too, since it features giant robots! :) There is something about this game, however, that is not fully satisfying as i'd expect... Maybe it's the way the story looks too linear, maybe it's the way the RPG part plays... Well the RPG part is not actually "played". You just sit there, read the characters lines, sometimes choose to get here or there, or choose which character you'll talk to. Let's just say i enjoyed this game a lot when i began, and now i feel that i've seen all i had to see and just play for the thrill of battles.

    More games coming soon!