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    Wednesday, july 2nd : new version online
    The games/consoles is now redesigned according to the site new identity; and i've included more content. I hope i'll be able to update this part as often as i wish with new content, reviews and columns...
    This part will soon be functionnal

    My PC-Engine collection :
    Masamune Shirow designed games
    GameDesign by Masamune Shirow for the Nec PC-Engine System

    Apart from being PC-Engine games, the two games below also have in common to include design from Masamune Shirow

    Masamune Shirow is a mangaka (a manga author) that gain worldime fame with it's manga Appleseed, and, later with movie (and manga) Ghost in the Shell.
    Masamune Shirow is also the author of Dominion Tank Police, Orion, Black Magic M-66...
    His universe is full of high-tech mecha, powerful weapons and fighting girls, but he also has a less-famous fantasy side. Those 2 games reflects the variety of his work.

    If you like Masamune Shirow's work, i'd suggest you get the book "Intron Depot". It shows hundreds of great illustrations of drawing from him and you really won't be disappointed with what you've paid for!

    Eternal City - HuCard game by Naxat Soft

    Shirow's work on Eternal city was to create the player's robot, the end of level bosses, and the artwork for the cover. The cover eventually used Shirow's presentation painting for the players mecha.
    All mechas Shirow designed were given name and specifications. The player's machine is named "Argyderos", which name comes from the silver color of the robot's enveloppe. Shirow explains all the ideas he put in the game in the great "Intron Depot" book. Get it, you won't regret it!

    Oh, well, besides, the game in itself in quite poor...

    Below : Winds of Thunder - CD-Rom2 game by Hudson Soft

    I dont know much about Shirow's participation in Lords Of Thunder/Winds of Thunder. Only do i know he signed the cover artwork, and he may have also created the booklet's artwork as well. I dont know if he created any of the characters or monsters that appear in the game.
    The game is one of the most impressive horizontal shooting game in the NEC CD-Rom. Graphics and musics are great, scrollings are like no other on the system, so are the size of the sprites...