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    Sunday, june 1st : the part is online!
    It's a completely new "personal works" part that came online. I hadn't really worked on that part before; and with my complete site redesign, i made it real section.
    This part will soon be updated

    2D games design
    Entity Core (Windows CE Game)
    This project was started with an important windows CE devellopment studio, but never saw the light of day.
    The game was to be a top-view vertical shoot-them-up; an old-school game like "Ikari Warriors", "Commando" or "Outzone". The screenshots here are development pictures : a title screen preview (right); two level design samples (below), with an ennemies gallery on the right screen. The fun thing about the title screen is that the armor was directly drawn on a Pocket-PC device with Pocket Artist. I intended to add the finishing on Photoshop, but never actually went that far.
    The players animation and a few ennemies animations were done.
    If you know a CE developper that would be interested in developping the game, i'd be glad to get back on this project!