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    Friday, October 15th : Ricoh RDC i-700 received
    Device securised this morning! No page for it yet; will be one some day.

    Wednesday, September 15th : Sharp MI-10 added
    Created a page for the Sharp MI-10 i've received.

    Friday, July 23rd : new homepage, new machines listed
    My collection reached 49 units yesterday as i've received 2 new watches. Added them to the list (no pages yet) and changed the homepage to a weblog format.

    This feature will soon be available

    Casio Fx-1000-f
    Programmable calculator with formula library
    I'm sorry, but I will not reply to user manual requests or to dealer location inquiries anymore.

    Please read my FAQ page that might help you if you have any of these questions in mind.
    Feel free to contact me for any other question or comment regarding this machine!

    Special features :
    The calculator offers a built-in library of 116 formulas in ROM that can be directly used without the need of programming them.
    It also has a "simple" programming language, which is not compatible with other programmable Fx machines from the same time.
    Page under construction

    I've sometimes noticed that the "1000" reference in a Casio range of product stands for unusual products in the family. This Fx1000F follows this rule, by offering very different specifications from usual FX calculators.
    I would say that the machine was designed based on ideas introduced with Casio pocket computers.
    First, the Fx-1000F is centered on an idea that appeard in the Fx-850p pocket computers family : the machine comes with a built-in library of 116 pre-programmed formulae in ROM.
    The term "formula" instead of "program" has it's importance, because the Fx-1000f cannot be "programmed" in the classic Casio way. Instead of the usual Casio language, the Fx-1000F uses another idea taken from Casio pocket computers world : "programs" are written simply by entering the necessary mathematic formula, and when running the program, the calculator just asks for the unknown values and display the result.
    This features doesn't allow for complex programming, i.e no jumps or conditions will be handled by the machine...
    Despite these programming limitations (that i do easily accept for such a "little" non-graphic programmable device), i like this machine a lot!

    Memory : -
    Programming language : Formulae input; not compatible with other Casio devices
    Display : 1 alphanumeric row (14 characters);
    1 mixed row : 2 alphanumeric characters; 10+2 bar digits;
    + LCD indicators
    Processor type : -
    Ports : -

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