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Welcome to the
Outzone Worship Page !

OutZone can be best described as a SciFi Ikari Warriors with added space shooter flavor.
When you'll know this magnificent game is one of the best games ever from Toaplan, then you'll know it's a must-see for any shooter addict...

See that guy on the right ? Aside with Strider, he's certainly one of the coolest videogame characters ever... He's a cyborg, actually, a mercenary that'll stand up and defeat a complete alien army for money.

Enjoy a tour in the OutZone world !
Below : entered coin, pressed "1 player", and now i'm being transfered to the alien hideout. See that beautiful red ship ? See those excellent graphics ? Prepare for more excitement along the levels...

Right pic : hmm sounds pretty much like the beginning of Capcom's "Commando", excepted the chopper was a bit spiced-up and there's no wrecked spaceship in Commando's jungle. SOUNDS COOL!!

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Klov Out Zone entry This is the OutZone entry from the Killer List of Video Games. Mostly focuses on the hardware for preservation/emulation purposes, but also gameplay info, interesting facts and nice screenshots.

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