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The Outzone Worship Page :
Gameply and Tips

Basically, OutZone is what i call a "character shooter". That is, the background only scrolls when you move you character forward, and, as often in this case, multidirectionnal shots are possible.
Remember Ikari Warriors? Or Capcom's Commando? Well, you got it.

As Shooter Masters, those guys at Toaplan have packed in this wonderful game all of their know-how, skills and art!
The strategic part comes from the 2 different weapons. You may think that 2 weapons to choose from is not much, but on one hand there are actually more than that (see the bonus section), and the other hand the 2 primary weapons bring enough strategy to make the game really enjoyable.

Those 2 weapons are the multidirectionnal shot, and the 3-Way shot. The 3-way shot is the classic shooter weapon : fires vertically and enlarges, it's not depending on the player's moves. As the background is sometimes very tricky (mazes, walls, holes...) the choice of the weapon is very important... Depending on the surroundings, you'll either need the directionnal shot that will track the ennemies in any direction, or the 3 way shot that is efficient with ennemies in front while you're struggling to avoid being shot.
Also, the directionnal shot will keep shooting as long as the fire button is pressed, whereas the 3 way only shoots once for one key press.

Hmm this would need some screenshots, i'll add some soon...

Tips :
The games offers various hidden bonuses and treasures. I've played different versions of OutZone, and i've noticed some features only appear with some versions (which is also true for some ennemies). The tips i'll explain in this page cover the emulated version.

There are other tips i know but i've never been able to fully understand. Any help on these would be appreciated. Here are some i've experienced :

- at some point of the game, it's possible to have a squadron of FlyingShark planes helping (i've forgotten the exact location, but i managed to get the squadron by forcing my way through cannons or small trees while firing the 3-Way shot)

- at another unlocated point, it's possible to get a Truxton ship following the player and shooting it's 3 way shot along with the player.

- at several locations, cars may cross the screen at high speed, giving lots of points when destroyed.

Hidden 5000 points bonuses :

In the metal mazes of level 3, check out this area. There's an hidden 5000 points bonus available simply by walking into the dead-end on the left.
Just walk until you reach the point where the 5000 is displayed on the right picture, and you get the bonus.
I've noticed such hidden bonuses in other areas within this levels, but they're apparently not present in the emulated version.

The "Pipi" mystery

In the first half of level 1, there's a hidden...er...let's say "feature" available near the second red flame-thrower cannon. You must use the 3 way shot to get it.
There are 2 holes in the rocks on the left. Aim at the smallest one with the left beam of you 3 shot, and you'll see a "pipi" indication appearing.

Keep shooting until a large purple creature (i call it "pipi"!:) pops out of the rocks





Pipi is harmless and won't damage the ennemies either.
It will just float around all over the screen, and it's vulnerable to your shots.
After a few shots, it will reduce and start bouncing around, and eventually explode.
I've never really figured out what it was meant to be, and i've never noticed any dramatic point bonus while this fellow was there or once it has exploded...
Maybe there's a place to bring it to, like another hole in a rock where it would have it's home, but if it's the case, then i've never been able to keep it alive long enough...

Quoting Carl-Henrik Skarstedt, from toaplan.com : "Regarding the 'pipi' creature, I think the "pipi" text is a representation of the sound the creature makes. It is in fact the Toaplan mascot and it flies around the BH-99 spaceship in the foresty/blue-rock level in Zero Wing. I saw it when I had a larger screen and changed the sprite priorites to always be above the layers :) I have a feeling there is a secret way of getting to this guy in most toaplan games from zero wing/outzone and up."

Reading this, it became clear to me that i actually already saw this little guy in some other Toaplan production, although i can't remember where and when it was...

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