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The Outzone Worship Page : the bonuses

Regular pickups :
Among the 4 regular pickups, 2 are available by destroying containers at fixed locations in the levels. They are :

Destroy to get Energy. This pickup will refill your energy gauge, which stands as the time coundown. When your energy runs very low, then your character starts to slow down, and you most certainly will end in a desperate attempt to sloooowly reach the refill...
Destroy to get Change. Take this pickup to switch between the multi-directionnal shot and the fixed 3-way shot. This is the (slightly) strategic part of the game, as both weapon better match some specific area, as you may experience if you find yourself at the wrong place with the wrong weapon...

Picture : at the end of level 1, just before first boss, two containers to refill your energy gauge, and to change weapon. This is your last change to meet the boss with the correct weapon...

the 2 other regular pickups appear by destroying various ennemies, at semi-random locations in the game.
Ennemies that deliver bonuses usually appear as the only red ennemy in a squadron, but some other ennemies may also offer pickups (like the mechanical snakes for example).

PowerUp !
Maybe you were wondering how to increase your destructive power ?! Well, here's how... You can collect up to 2 PowerUps, super weapons cannot be upgraded.

The usual massive destruction device that every so-called shooter offer.

Apart from the regular pickups, OutZone offers 6 extra bonuses that "randomly" appear like the PowerUp and Bomb.
Among those extra pickups, the super weapons can really change the face of the game : the SuperBall is a real passport to finishing the game unharmed, after a small practice.

Super Pickups :

One of the two super weapons available. This is a giant flame-thrower, *VERY* powerful, but with a so very short range...
This is the directionnal super weapon, which makes it very difficult to use on bosses, and it's short range makes it really dangerous in the labyrinths.
The SuperBurner pickup often appears when you're already equiped with the Superball. I usually avoid the downgrade, but there are some occasions when changing for the burner is unavoidable, i usually get very sad then...
This is *THE ULTIMATE* weapon !
Get it, and you're almost sure to get to the end without getting damaged. It's use can seem confusing at first : keep the fire button pressed, and a very powerful ball will turn around the player at a fixed radius. The range seems too short to be a real threat, but if you release the button, the ball will go straight forward after finishing the current turn, and THAT'S A WINNER !
Most bosses are a real piece of cake when equiped with this toy!
Not to be confused with the Superball (colors are close), the shield is a very important pickup. Since it's a protection that will disappear after being hit once, and since you lose one life when you get hit without the shield, well..you get the picture! Sounds pretty much like a OneUp to me, but the major difference is : you still lose a life if you fall down a hole with the shield on. .
This is the classic OneUp pickup. Pretty rare, as it should be...
This is a very nice pickup. During the game, a countdown is materialised through your energy gauge that decreases regularly. This pickup refills the gauge, and actually extends it's capacity, making it much more comfortable to play without the urge of keeping an eye on the energy level.
Caution with this one... It's a real booster, and requires much more attention during tricky areas like the labyrinths.
I usually pick it in the mechanical snakes area, just before the moving platforms part. It makes the platform and labyrinth more difficult to move on, but it makes it easier to rapidly run from one safe position to another through a platform, before the platform moves.

Left : The Super Burner in action ! - Right : the Superball is much more impressive when animated

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