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    Tuesday, june 24th : the part is redesigned
    The sloooow process of changing my entire site to a new design now reached the wristcam pages. I've also added lots of WQV-10 (Color) pictures to the galleries, and a more detailled tech part featuring all of the 4 models in the WQV family
    This part will soon be updated

    Casio Wrist Camera Pages
    and Image Gallery

    The Casio WQV-1 is the first consumer Digital Camera Watch ever! Offering just a grey level screen and grey level pictures at first; the family evolved and the latest WQV family member now offers a color display; color pictures, and a digital zoom!

    Even if the WQVs cannot be compared to regular digital cameras as for image quality and size, with a maximum picture resolution of 176 x 144 pixels, the are great fun to use!

    On my site, you'll find a lot of pictures i've taken with those watches, and technical details about the 4 watches in the WQV family. Just click the menu option on the right, and enjoy the tour!