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    Tuesday, june 24th : the part is redesigned
    The sloooow process of changing my entire site to a new design now reached the wristcam pages. I've also added lots of WQV-10 (Color) pictures to the galleries, and a more detailled tech part featuring all of the 4 models in the WQV family
    This part will soon be updated

    Casio Wrist Camera Pages
    and Image Gallery

    Technical specifications

    WQV-1 Wrist Camera

    The first of the series. Introducing the "wrist camera" concept; the watch includes a grey-level digital camera (lens + video display).

    Technical specs :

    120x120 16 grey display
    120x120 sensor
    1MB memory; 100 uncompressed pictures can be stored in memory
    24 characters available for comments with each picture.
    3 picture recording modes : normal, duotone, splitted screen
    InfraRed Interface for data transfer

    Functions :

    Hour + Date display
    Camera recording mode
    "Visual databank" mode (picture viewer)
    IR data transfer

    Extras :

    The optionnal LENS-1 "Telelens" extension can be attached to the watch, offering a 2x lens position

    WQV-2 Wrist Camera

    It's basically the same model as the WQV-1, the only change is the new, rounder, better (IMHO) design

    What's less :

    looses compatibility with LENS-1 "tele-lens" extension.

    On the right is the WQV-1 with the "LENS-1" module. This option is equivalent to a permanent 2x zoom position. Due to the different casing of the WQV-2, the LENS-1 only adapts on the first WQV-1 models.
    WQV-3 Color Wrist Camera

    Brings colors to stored pictures! Introduces a very different design, not to be re-used in later models.

    What's more :
    Color CMOS sensor for 176x144 pictures
    JPEG stored pictures, for approx 100 pictures in the built-in 1MB memory
    Startup screen can be chosen from any picture in memory
    Calendar function
    Uses standard IR communication protocol
    Thumbnail browser for easy navigation

    What's less :
    pictures are blurry...
    luminosity can only be chosen from 3 exposure modes

    On the right : the WQV-3 in picture display mode. In order to appear on the 120x120 screen, only the central part of the 176x144 stored pictures is displayed.
    WQV-10 Color Wrist Camera

    Color screen, digital zoom!! Aand back to the early, strange-looking design.

    What's more :
    70 x 80 4096 color display!
    2x digital zoom!
    Picture quality sharpenned (as compared to WQV-3 sensor)
    5 different hour display to choose from

    What's less :
    Not possible to set a startup screen anymore

    Below : two WQV-10 sample screens illustrate the use of the color display; for the "skinnable" watch mode ("time keeping" mode) on the left, and for image viewing on the right. Although i've chosen a colorful image to display, the picture of the watch doesn't render the color screen that well...

    Camera operation :

    Pressing the central Shutter button in any mode -excepted IR- will switch to "record" (camera on) mode. For power-saving purpose, a rest time equivalent to the previous recording duration is programmed. This means that after staying in record mode for, say, 20 seconds; the watch won't allow to re-enter record mode for another 20 seconds after leaving the last recording session.
    When attempting to access record mode before the rest time; a countdown displays the remaining waiting time as a countdown in seconds.
    The watch then displays the number of available pictures for about 1.5 sec, then turns to record mode.
    Maximum recording time in a row is one minute.

    Depending on the watch model, it's possible to set the exposure mode and/or digital zoom position while in record mode, and watch the result live on the video screen.

    Pressing the Shutter button in record mode records the onscreen picture (screen freezes for a few seconds), then lets record mode on, allowing for more pictures to be taken (max 1 minute).