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    Tuesday, june 24th : the part is redesigned
    The sloooow process of changing my entire site to a new design now reached the wristcam pages. I've also added lots of WQV-10 (Color) pictures to the galleries, and a more detailled tech part featuring all of the 4 models in the WQV family
    This part will soon be updated

    Casio Wrist Camera Pages
    and Image Gallery


    Elvis Payne Wrist Camera page a very good and comprehensive site about the WQV family : detailled tech specs, pictures...

    OUATSHA it was once an excellent WQV site with lots of graphic experiments based on WQV-1 shots. Now, the site is under construction since they got a WQV-10.... I'm waiting for the new version...

    Wrist camera link software download the official CASIO page for WQV software. Need a WQV IR connexion software for you Palm? For your PPC? For your PC? That's the place to visit!

    While i'm at it, here is the Casio Japan home page where you'll be able to get the press release for any new version of a WQV watch (if they ever release one, that is)

    WristWatchPhotos lots of pictures and an impressive list of WQV links

    Camborg an interesting idea for a site about "the new sub culture using future technology".

    If you have a Nokia 9110 AND a Casio WQV-1 or WQV-2, you'll find a useful freeware here (Marcus Gröber's Nokia 9110 page). That's the way to transfer your images between your WQV-1 and your Nokia 9110 directly by a IR link, so that you'll be able to e-mail or fax your photos just with your watch and cell phone!