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    Friday, October 15th : Ricoh RDC i-700 received
    Device securised this morning! No page for it yet; will be one some day.

    Wednesday, September 15th : Sharp MI-10 added
    Created a page for the Sharp MI-10 i've received.

    Friday, July 23rd : new homepage, new machines listed
    My collection reached 49 units yesterday as i've received 2 new watches. Added them to the list (no pages yet) and changed the homepage to a weblog format.

    This feature will soon be available

    Casio PB-5000
    "professionnal appliance"
    Basic pocket computer
    I'm sorry, but I will not reply to user manual requests or to dealer location inquiries anymore.

    Please read my FAQ page that might help you if you have any of these questions in mind.
    Feel free to contact me for any other question or comment regarding this machine!

    Special features :
    Details to come

    Weak points :
    Details to come

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    Casio BASIC computers :
    Casio PB-100
    Casio FX-750P
    Casio PB-700
    Casio sensitive screen devices :
    Casio IF-8000
    Casio VDB-1000

    When i've bought this machine, i had no real idea of what it actually was... Basic programmable computer? PDA? Handheld terminal?
    Searching the web for more information, i now have a better idea, but all i'll say about it will just be my vision of what i think it is. I might be wrong, so if anyone out there has information to share, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Tasio's PD lineup is a weird one to me. Apparently none of these products were ever distributed outside Japan, which means little (if any) information exists in english. Searching for information, i've discovered that 2 PD machines were still sold, and automatic webpage translation helped me understand a little more about them.
    Other interesting clues were available from the Pocket Computer Museum site. The museum lists the Casio PD-101 as a corporate, specific application version of the PB-100
    The PD-101 was a stripped-down version of the PB-100, including a built-in Basic program and a reduced set of keys limited to what was useful for the application.
    It seems that there was a promising market in providing companies with specific application machines, versatile ones that could be easily programmed to fit corporate users' needs.
    This is what the PD lineup is for! These machines do not offer a built in Basic editor, but can run Basic programs developped for them by external means.

    At first stripped down versions of the Basic computers of the moment, PDs next evolved to follow the evolutions in portable user interfaces. The PD-5000 here thus offers a large graphic display with sensitive screen & sylus, and a complete alphabetic & japanese keyboard (apparently an exception on such machines : they usually offer just a numeric keypad and a limited set of function keys).
    Programs can apparently be run from cartridges inserted in a slot in the back of the device, and maybe also download from a serial connector.
    If there was a way for me to program the machine, then it would be very close to the dream machine i had in mind for years!

    Processor : ?? OS : Proprietary
    RAM : ?? ROM : ??
    Graphic display : ?? Text display : ??
    Display : B&W Input : Keyboard, Touch screen

    Built-in Applications :
    BASIC runtime.

    Open to other applications : Through BASIC programs (cartridges and uploads?)
    Ports :
    Details to come