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    Tuesday, june 24th : the part is redesigned
    The sloooow process of changing my entire site to a new design now reached the wristcam pages. I've also added lots of WQV-10 (Color) pictures to the galleries, and a more detailled tech part featuring all of the 4 models in the WQV family
    This part will soon be updated

    Casio Wrist Camera Pages
    and Image Gallery

    Monuments gallery

    Pictures taken with a Casio WQV-10 Digital Camera Watch
    Resolution : 176 x 144 pixels, millions colors

    Paris, Arc de Triomphe Paris, Centre G.Pompidou
    Paris, court of a Cloister Paris, Arche de la Défense
    Lyon, Basilique Neuilly sur Seine, City hall Chateau de la Madeleine
    Paris, Notre Dame Paris, le Panthéon London, Big Ben
    London, Buckingham Palace
    London, Victoria's Tower