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    Sunday, sep. 19th : 2 more arcade maps
    Added the Galivan and Kiki Kaikai levels one to the Arcade games maps page.

    Wednesday, sep. 1st : Outzone Worship Page updated
    Added the The Outzone Worship Page receives a few new pages, as well as a new level map. The maps page has been updated as well.

    Wednesday, feb. 25th : Valtric map + new home page
    Added the Valtric level 1 map to the Arcade Games Maps page. Also changed the arcade home page to the new weblog flavor.

    This feature will soon be available

    Caz' Arcade Maps Pages
    I hope these pages will bring back memories from the 80's arcade gamers among you!
    For younger players who reached this page (Welcome here! how come you arrived on such a page anyway?:) ), this is a taste of what arcade gaming looked like back then.

    These maps are something i do in my spare time when i feel like diving back into the arcade atmosphere. Creating maps really makes me feel like i'm exploring the games universe.

    I received a few questions concerning these pages, so i've set up a small FAQ (a 2 questions FAQ, that's small, huh?!) you can check for more info. If you don't find the answers you need or if you wish to contact me, please don't hesitate to e-mail me by clicking the contact link on the left. (You need Javascript enabled in order to see the link).

    Available maps :

    Altered Beast (Sega 1988) :

  • Level 1, (no ennemies)
  • Level 1, (with some ennemies)

    Black Dragon / Black Tiger (Capcom 1987) :

  • Level 1, (no ennemies)

    Contra / Gryzor (Konami 1987) :
  • Level 1, (a few still ennemies)

    Darwin 4078 (Data East 1986) :
  • Level 1, (a few still ground ennemies)

    Flying Shark (Toaplan/Taito 1987) :
  • Level 1, (almost no ennemies)

    Galivan Cosmo Police (Nichibutsu 1985) :

  • Level 1, (preliminary, still lots of cleaning to do)

    Kiki Kaikai (Taito 1986) :

  • Level 1, no ennemies

    Legendary Wings (Capcom 1986) :

  • Level 1 (vertical shooter part), with ground ennemies. (57 Colors)

    Marble Madness (Atari 1984) :

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 with ennemies

    Outzone (Toaplan 1987) :

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
    All Outzone maps are from my Outzone Worship Page

    Psychic 5 (Jaleco 1987) :

  • Level 1, no ennemies. (140 Colors)

    R-Type (Irem 1987) :

  • Level 1, with ennemies. from my R-Type Worship Page

    Rolling Thunder (Namco 1986) :

  • Level 1, np ennemies.

    Slap Fight (Toaplan/Taito 1986) :

  • Level 1, a few ennemies and the end boss.

    Tokio / Scramble Formation (Taito 1986) :

  • Beginning : way to the stadium (no ennemies, clouds parts shortened)

    Valtric : (Jaleco 1986)

  • Level 1 (with ennemy turrets, mid-level and end of level bosses)