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    Sunday, sep. 19th : 2 more arcade maps
    Added the Galivan and Kiki Kaikai levels one to the Arcade games maps page.

    Wednesday, sep. 1st : Outzone Worship Page updated
    Added the The Outzone Worship Page receives a few new pages, as well as a new level map. The maps page has been updated as well.

    Wednesday, feb. 25th : Valtric map + new home page
    Added the Valtric level 1 map to the Arcade Games Maps page. Also changed the arcade home page to the new weblog flavor.

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    My Arcade PCB collection
    Here is the list of the arcade PCBs i own. I dont own a cabinet, i play them on a TV with a SuperGun. Please note they are not for sale, although you may place an offer if you are really interested in one of these! All are working and JAMMA converted.

    Yet Another Important note : for emulation purpose, i'm ready to help by providing the ROMs of the games i own. if you are in France (I'm in Paris), or know someone in France that is able to dump ROMs from a board, please contact me.

    Altered BeastSEGA
    his one uses about the same hardware as Shinobi (System16 board). The atmosphere is very strange and interesting. At the beginning, a god resurrects the characters (voice sample "RAISE FROM YOUR GRAVES") to rescue his daughter. The girl was taken prisonner by a bunch of brothers with magical powers. Meet one of them at the end of each levels as they turn into eerie monsters. The characters evolve from human to a beast form; each level offering a different beast form.

    Breakout game1
    One of the first boards i've bought! Visit my worship page for this game to enter Arkanoid's universe!

    Bay RouteSEGA
    Horizontal shooting w/ character2
    I've never had a chance to test my BayRoute board, but the game is cool. The action takes place in a post-nuclear world where aliens took control. The atmosphere is great and characters animation is cool. One regret : the game is way too hard...

    Black TigerCAPCOM
    Platform (shooting) game1
    Who doesn't know this CULT game?! Well, maybe you dont' Rather than describe it, i think i'll put a worship page online, some day! Stay tuned!

    Chelnov (Atomic runner) DATA EAST
    Horizontal shooting1
    This is a great game from DataEast. Non-stop shooting action with a character that keeps running and jumping, powerful weapons, strange aliens... I love this one!

    Double DragonTAITO
    Beat them up2
    A TECHNOS license, this was one of first street-fighting action games. Surely the first one where the players were able to use weapons (Bats, whips..). Also one of the first and most popular two-player games.

    Flying SharkTAITO
    vertical shmup2
    A great game licensed from shmup's master Toaplan! Graphics still look very realistic today, yet it is "not realistic" enough to make the game a fun experience with a great atmosphere. The gameplay is simple and efficient, i consider this game a masterpiece of old-school shmuping!

    Heavy UnitTAITO
    Horizontal shooting1
    Another wonder from TAITO! It is actually a KANEKO license. My favorite board (along with some other! :) ). A robot is the players ship, the differents levels are very strange and cool, as well as the ennemies and monsters... A must have, to me! (Well, i'm lucky, i have it!)

    Legend of Hero TonmaIREM
    Platform game1
    IREM rocks! This game is a cute platforms game, not a kind of games IREM produces a lot.
    As most IREM games, it is really addictive and offers beautiful graphics.

    Legendary WingsCAPCOM
    Shmup with platform phases1
    One of the few games that filled my eyes with sparkling stars when i was a teenager... The really weird atmosphere played a huge part in this : i cannot think of any other arcade games where the main character is a winged human and where giant mechanical heads greet you from the ground when you fly over. Some even give access to platform phases when you enter their mouth!
    The game also features a few secret bonuses and techniques, which made it even more appealing.

    Mexico 86Tehkan?
    This is a pretty classic soccer game. I'm not really into soccer games, so i'm still wondering why i own this one! :) Well, i bought a bunch of boards and it was in it! I've never had the chance of seing it run, and i hope i didnt blow the board when testing it on a SuperGun...

    Vertical shooting w/ character2
    WOOHOO!!! Maybe the BEST Toaplan game *ever*!! Unfortunately, my board is a bootleg, and i don't have a Toaplan logo on it, but i'm soooo glad i own that board, anyway!! For more info about the game, check my OUTZONE WORSHIP PAGE !

    Vertical shooting1
    One of the huge shooter classics of the late 90's! Personnaly, i think it's not as exciting as Twin Cobra but the shooting action is neat, and SEIBU adapted to concept to dozens of Raiden versions (Raiden II, raiden fighters series, the Viper series...)

    Run & Jump1
    CLASSIC (again!)! I'm happy i've found this board with a JAMMA adaptor. As lots of classic arcade games, it's way better playing the real thing than the emulated version.

    Platform shooting game1
    I think i don't need to explain what kind of game Shinobi is, do i?! I'm glad i have one of these boards. The board is huge! I guess it was one of the first SEGA system 16 (16 bit) game.

    Silk WormTECMO
    Horizontal shooting2
    A pretty original concept : two players, two different vehicles. In 1P mode, player can choose to play either the jeep or the chopper, allowing for two very different gameplays. As a Tecmo game from approximately the same year as Rygar, the atmosphere is also quite strange : goose-copters, hidden bonuses...

    Slap FightTAITO
    Vertical Shoot1
    I'm sure glad i've got this one! It's a Toaplan license with really cool graphics (for that time!), backgrounds that react depending on the weapon you choose, evolutive action, and an *excellent* BGM! A must!

    Storming Party / LSA SquadTAITO
    Vertical Shoot1
    Think of a Capcom's Commando with various vehicles to get in and increase firepower. I loved this game in the arcades, and having the board is exactly the same fun! A very hard game, with that "antique" touch which makes it very addictive!

    Tokyo/Tokio/Scramble Formation TAITO
    Vertical shooting2
    THIS IS A WONDER! I've fallen in love with that game when i first played it! Graphics were great, gameplay was *excellent*, AND it was a TAITO game! The bonus system allows you to collect smaller planes (up to 5) that fly around you into air-to-air, air-to-ground, or mixed battle formations. *Highly* addictive!

    Vertical shooting1
    This a TOAPLAN license. Those TOAPLAN people know what it takes to create shooting games! This one is pretty classic, but lot of big ennemies, beautiful graphics and amazing weapons (Hey, that's Toaplan!) make it one of the best.

    Twin CobraTAITO
    Vertical shooting2
    This is yet another TOAPLAN license! Classic among the classics, Twin Cobra was the inspiration for many modern shooters like the RAIDEN series. Glad i've added this Toaplan Masterpiece to my collection!

    Vertical shooting2
    And yet again a TOAPLAN wonder! I've heard of this game in a magazine when it was released, but never saw it in an arcade. I've thus discovered the game under emulation; before buying it from a japanese auction. I see this game as Slap Fight's spiritual son for several reasons, like the bonus system which is exactly the same; but it's a great shmup by itself.