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    Sunday, sep. 19th : 2 more arcade maps
    Added the Galivan and Kiki Kaikai levels one to the Arcade games maps page.

    Wednesday, sep. 1st : Outzone Worship Page updated
    Added the The Outzone Worship Page receives a few new pages, as well as a new level map. The maps page has been updated as well.

    Wednesday, feb. 25th : Valtric map + new home page
    Added the Valtric level 1 map to the Arcade Games Maps page. Also changed the arcade home page to the new weblog flavor.

    This feature will soon be available

    A list of existing arcade games
    My list is the result of an old listing work i've done in the late 80's and early 90's. At the time, no site like KLOV existed, and i wanted to build an accurate list of existing arcade games. Although i stopped maintaining the list years ago, i still let it online, as i plan to improve it with additionnal info sometime.

    Click a letter to enter the list:

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      The descriptions are not fully translated yet.
        A few words the descriptions :
        • "shooting w/ character" means a game where the scrolling depends on the movements of the player, such as COMMANDO or GRYZOR
        • "beat" is a fighting game with multiple simultaneous ennemies and scrolling action; like Kung Fu Master or Double Dragons. On the other hand, one-to-one fighting games like Street Fighter or Ye Ar Kung Fu will be described as "fighting".
        • "fighting" : just see above!
        • "simulator" usually means there is a first-person view from inside (or just behind) a vehicle, it doesnt mean a realistic game.