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    Sunday, sep. 19th : 2 more arcade maps
    Added the Galivan and Kiki Kaikai levels one to the Arcade games maps page.

    Wednesday, sep. 1st : Outzone Worship Page updated
    Added the The Outzone Worship Page receives a few new pages, as well as a new level map. The maps page has been updated as well.

    Wednesday, feb. 25th : Valtric map + new home page
    Added the Valtric level 1 map to the Arcade Games Maps page. Also changed the arcade home page to the new weblog flavor.

    This feature will soon be available

    Misc arcade related data
    Back when i was planning to put a "Misc." page in my arcade site, i didnt know what to put inside yet! I was thinking of it as spare space i would use whenever i would need.....

    Then i thought of a first idea that may be of some interest! Here are some arcade manufacturers' names, with the meaning of each name, as i've found those here and there. Here we go:

    CAPCOM : Capsule Computers
    DECO : Data East Corporation
    IREM : Innovation in Recreationnal Electronic Medias
    KANEKO : it is the name of the company' foundator.
    NICHIBUTSU : Nihon Bussan Corporation
    SEGA : Service Games
    SNK (Rest in peace... Snk disappeared in 2002) : Shin Nihon Kikaku (which means?? :) )
    TAITO : Taitronics