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    Basically, OutZone is what i call a "character shooter". That is, the background only scrolls when you move you character forward, and, as often in this case, multidirectionnal shots are possible.
    Remember Ikari Warriors? Or Capcom's Commando? Well, you got it.

    As Shooter Masters, those guys at Toaplan have packed in this wonderful game all of their know-how, skills and art!
    The strategic part comes from the 2 different weapons. You may think that 2 weapons to choose from is not much, but on one hand there are actually more than that (see the bonus section), and the other hand the 2 primary weapons bring enough strategy to make the game really enjoyable.

    Those 2 weapons are the multidirectionnal shot, and the 3-Way shot. The 3-way shot is the classic shooter weapon : fires vertically and enlarges, it's not depending on the player's moves. As the background is sometimes very tricky (mazes, walls, holes...) the choice of the weapon is very important... Depending on the surroundings, you'll either need the directionnal shot that will allow aiming at the ennemies in any direction, or the 3 way shot that will efficiently blast ennemies up-front whichever direction you'll be going.
    Also, the directionnal shot will keep shooting as long as the fire button is pressed, whereas the 3 way only shoots once for one key press.

    Coming up next in this page : more gameplay details, weapons descriptions, and screenshots!