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    The most comprehensive OutZone site ever (that's not it's official name ;) ) This site is a must see for every Outzone fan or for anyone who whiches to know more about the game. It is in french, but you have to pay it a visit even if you don't speak french : it is full of screenshots, very interesting downloads (hint, hint!) and it packs lots of informations and tips. Automatic translation tools like Babelfish or so will also make a good enough work to get the best out of this site.

    OutZone page at Toaplan.com a very comprehensive site about Toaplan, made by an expert ! Lots of info in the OutZone page, but check out the rest of the site to see more beautiful Toaplan games.

    Destroy All Monsters A Cool shooter site ! The OutZone page is a very nice review, with lotsa screenshots, check it out !

    Klov Out Zone entry This is the OutZone entry from the Killer List of Video Games. Mostly focuses on the hardware for preservation/emulation purposes, but also gameplay info, interesting facts and nice screenshots.

    See also :

    Shmups! Another shooter site, that still doesn't review OutZone, but certainly will in the future! Cool stuff to see there, however!