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    Mon. dec. 6th 2004: home page weblogged
    Changed the "computers" home page to the weblog format, discovered it was worth continuing my javascript game dev project. No big deal!

    Monday, june 30th : the new version is online
    I've re-arranged this part while porting it to the new design. Got rid of the old navigation that made no sense, everything is not gathered in a single menu.
    The pocket computing section has not changed yet.
    This feature will soon be available

    Atari ST Artwork
    Logos are demo makers signatures. Demo makers are organized into groups, each of which has a (highly original, remarquable and fun) name. Logos simply illustrate the name, and they are very often the basis of the groups demo screens.

    As i've work in or for different unknown groups, here are logos for lots of differents unknown names!
    These are still 16 colors works.