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    Mon. dec. 6th 2004: home page weblogged
    Changed the "computers" home page to the weblog format, discovered it was worth continuing my javascript game dev project. No big deal!

    Monday, june 30th : the new version is online
    I've re-arranged this part while porting it to the new design. Got rid of the old navigation that made no sense, everything is not gathered in a single menu.
    The pocket computing section has not changed yet.
    This feature will soon be available

    Atari ST Artwork
    All the pictures in these pages were originally created on an Atari 520 ST. That is : a maximum 320x200 resolution and 16 colors between 512.
    The images have been resized to 320x220 to fit todays computers square pixels resolutions, but the colors were not arranged since the import, so they most of time differ slightly from the original.

    Pictures are divided into three sections : girls, landscapes, and logos. The two first sections speak for themselves, i guess! As for the "logos" part, there are pictures i was asked to create to illustrate demo-makers groups names at that good old demo making time! :)

    Just think every single picture that will appear in these pages represent the maximum color resolution of the computer they were designed on! One say one just cant stop progress...

    >> See the "Logos" page

    >> See the "Landscapes" page

    >> See the "Girls" page