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    Mon. dec. 6th 2004: home page weblogged
    Changed the "computers" home page to the weblog format, discovered it was worth continuing my javascript game dev project. No big deal!

    Monday, june 30th : the new version is online
    I've re-arranged this part while porting it to the new design. Got rid of the old navigation that made no sense, everything is not gathered in a single menu.
    The pocket computing section has not changed yet.
    This feature will soon be available

    My Java Applets
    A news-Scroller

    This is my first working applet. Derived from a simple horizontal news scroller, the final code has very few to do with the original applet.

    Features :
  • The news and associated links are passed as parameters to the applet (allowing for dynamically/database generated data to be passed to the applet)
  • the background image is an external file; it can be use to insert the applet in site design in a perfect match
  • the target frame for the links and the scrolling speed are also applet parameters.

    The source code for this applet is available Here. Please note the code is provided as is, i provide no support for this code.

    A Shoot-them-up game!

    Almost everytime i get into a new programming language; i have ambitious game projects to test the language!

    My Java Applet ambitious project was a shoot-them-up, graphically based on the wonderful arcade games from Toaplan. Do you know the game Slap Fight? Well it was my main inspiration for this dev.

    Anyway, as i used this project as a Java tutorial, i stopped developping it when i left the company where i was worked at that time. I may just get back into developping it some day...

    Developpement state :
  • player's controls working; including shooting
  • background graphics routines almost complete, with images pre-loading
  • test code for ennemies control and explosion special effects

    To do :
  • Modify the graphic routines so that the startup screen would display the actual background, not a blank space
  • Add proper ennemies control routines
  • Add ennemies shooting routines
  • ...

    Click one of the screenshots or click here to test the applet!

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