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    Mon. dec. 6th 2004: home page weblogged
    Changed the "computers" home page to the weblog format, discovered it was worth continuing my javascript game dev project. No big deal!

    Monday, june 30th : the new version is online
    I've re-arranged this part while porting it to the new design. Got rid of the old navigation that made no sense, everything is not gathered in a single menu.
    The pocket computing section has not changed yet.
    This feature will soon be available

    Javascript Games
    I've started working on javascript games on Netscape 4, with it's so-cool layer feature. As this feature was abandonned after Netscape 4 and i had produced to much code to adapt it all to newer navigators, i've just abandonned developping javascript games.
    I've recently attempted a brand-new start under Internet Explorer 6, but i was stuck with problems i cannot solve yet, so i've abandonned that idea too...
    Anyway, both working games and partially developped ones are available on that page :

    For Netscape 4 games, click here or scroll to the lower half of that page;

    For Explorer games, just scroll down below

    Horizontal shoot-them up project
    Internet Explorer 5/6 compatible, Mozilla debug in progress

    I'm currently developping both a library and a game with ECMA compatibility in mind. As of writting this (november 2004) the game is only IE 5+ compatible; and i'm in the debug process for Mozilla. It appears that Internet Explorer has weird (and very annoying) images caching problems; so i've suspended the development for quite long, until i learned that i should set my IE cache settings to "automatic" to get rid of the problems.

    >> A new shoot-them-up.
    As i like shoot-them-up a lot, here is then my new effort as an ECMA compatible game.
    Current development state is :

    implemented :
    - background scrolling routine up and working
    - the player sprite is here, a basing shooting routine is implemented
    - several routines are implemented and tested, for sprite handling mostly

    Not implemented
    - no graphic map is affected to the background yet
    - the shooting routine doesn't handle progressive shots nor pow-ups
    - ennemies are not handled at all
    - basically everything else that would make this an actual game!
    - only run under IE, will wont run under any other browser (except for unexpected side-effect!)
    If you would like to test the game over the net and see how it behaves; click the large spaceship icon above or click here. Please keep in mind that you should have your IE caching set to "automatic" to test the page.
    If you are interested in downloading all the necessary files to test the game locally on your machine; click here to download a zip file.

    Below, compatible with : Netscape Navigator 4 only

    I've acquired most of my javascript programming experience with Netscape 4; you'll find most of my experiments and developments below. PLEASE NOTE YOU *HAVE TO* USE NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 4 TO TEST THESE. Those programs won't run with Explorer (any version) or Netscape Navigator 6.

    Games :

    1 Level Playable shoot-them-up. Complete with scoring, ennemy waves and a playable first level with end-boss! The game is far from finished yet; and won't be maintained anymore

    a platform game. Development abandonned, but parts of the gameplay were coded. The code is derived from the shoot-em-up, it shows for some points!

    another shooter. A more ambitious project including a parallax scrolling background, expanded side-scrolling play area and complicated ennemies behaviors. I may re-use ideas from that one into future devs.

    a Shinobi clone. A side scrolling action game abandonned at a very early development stage. The parallax scrolling is cool, though!

    >> a Wargame. Also abandonned, this program already includes advanced routines for path-finding and hexagonal-checker positionning. I've stopped developping it while working on the players' units movements and control.

    Tests and experiments :

    3D Balls. A 3D experiment using only Javascript and DHTML. The sprites position are 3D projected and their size is calculated upon the distance factor.

    >> 3D Characters. My first attempt of coding the basics for a sprite-3D action game. Based on the code of the above example.

    >> The nodes an idea for presenting a navigation menu depending on the user center of interests. Abandonned during development, the code does not produce anything actually interesting.

    >> The nodes an idea for presenting a navigation menu depending on the user center of interests. Abandonned during development, the code does not produce anything actually interesting.

    >> Text display input characters on the keyboard and see them displayed on a 10 lines display area

    >> Butterfly. My very first Netscape 4 layer programming experiment.