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    Thursday, december 11th : Janperson page added
    Created a Janperson gallery and story page in the gallery section. Check it out to know more about this MEtal Hero from the early 90's!

    Tuesday, december 9th : Video games metal heroes added
    Created a new page dedicated to a few video game original metal heroes. This page is the first step to serious update of the gallery section.

    This feature will soon be available

    Tokusatsu Gallery

    The images in this section come both from my own images bank or from the internet. As for the pictures i've collected on the net, i'm sorry i cant remember the credits for them. If you think if you see a picture from your site, and think it shouldn't be here, then please contact me using the link on the left.
    Enjoy the tour!

    I try to build dedicated pages to heroes i have enough material about. Links to these pages are listed below. Meanwhile, i've gathered a few more pictures in thsi very page you're reading. Just scroll down to get to these pictures.

    >> GAVAN

    The father of all metal heroes! Check this page!

    >> JUSPION

    Juspion is an interesting metal hero with several twists of his own

    >> Special Investigator Robo JANPERSON

    A show i've never seen, with a robot hero inspired from a 60's show

    >> Video Games Metal Heroes

    This page is dedicated to a few video-game original heroes

    Various metal-heroes :

    Sharivan is the second metal hero ever. It followed Gavan, both in chronology and in the story : it was the second "Space Sheriff" to protect the earth. I've seen this show in France, then i've discovered how japanese people made various show based on exactly the same layout, with minor differences. The idea was fun!

    Shaider was also shown in France. I remember it was somehow different from the other MetalHeroes shows (was it?!) because of a stranger atmosphere. Its the last show of the "Space Sheriff" series.

    Winspector was once on the air in France, the show is about a team of metal heroes, and, as far as i know, it is the first one of its kind. Above, on the right, is the red Winspector, FireTektor. In its 3 members team, he's the only one to be a human, the 2 other are robots. I've also a few winspector toys.

    Also seen in France, Metalder is not a human that turns into a law-maker, but a robot with a human appearence, that reveals its robot form to fight against evil.

    JANPERSON (left) and SOLBRAIN (right) did not show up in France. I've put these pictures here just to show how the design has evolved, within the metal-hero frame.