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    Thursday, december 11th : Janperson page added
    Created a Janperson gallery and story page in the gallery section. Check it out to know more about this MEtal Hero from the early 90's!

    Tuesday, december 9th : Video games metal heroes added
    Created a new page dedicated to a few video game original metal heroes. This page is the first step to serious update of the gallery section.

    This feature will soon be available

    Great Beast Hunter JUSPION Gallery
    I think Juspion looks great!

    I dont know much about Juspion, only do i know that it was shown in France, and i dont remember much. The design has evolved since early Space Sherif shows, but all the recurrent elements are still here. Below is the flying multi-dimentional motorbike; THE high-tech motorbike, just every metal hero has one.
    One interesting element in Juspion is that it's the only Metal Show i've heard of to feature a Giant Robot!!!

    Usually, giant robots are part of the Sentais equipment, and i think Juspion was the only Metal Hero experiment of a giant robot. There's no picture of it in this page, but i ought to put one...