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    Thursday, december 11th : Janperson page added
    Created a Janperson gallery and story page in the gallery section. Check it out to know more about this MEtal Hero from the early 90's!

    Tuesday, december 9th : Video games metal heroes added
    Created a new page dedicated to a few video game original metal heroes. This page is the first step to serious update of the gallery section.

    This feature will soon be available

    Video Games Metal Heroes Gallery
    Cosmo Police GALIVAN - 1985 - Arcade - Nichibutsu

    Judging from it's release year and name, Galivan is certainly the first video game featuring a metal hero. The name "Galivan" sounds close to the first metal Hero "Gavan", and the subtile "Cosmo Police" is also quite close to the "Space Sheriff" baseline of the 3 first metal heroes.
    The silver armor design is another Gavan reminder, and so is the transformation sequence that appears in the game's flyer.
    Even in the 80's, Galivan was quite obscure, but yet it was an interesting game with a gameplay of it's own. As Nichibutsu's know-how was mostly about shooters, they created a platform game with added shoot-them-up flavor! In Galivan, you begin your quest as a simple human that will kick and punch ennemies, and you'll have the ability to change into Battle Armor form by picking up "Pow" modules. As a matter of fact, modules can sometimes be obtained by destroying other metal-armored fighters you'll meet along your way to the boss. Several weapons are available once transformed, depending on which powerup you'll pick and how many energy you have left.
    On the design side, the armor is very reminiscent of Gavan's armor.

    Image source : the arcade flyers archive

    Cyber Combat Police - ? - Nec PC-Engine - Face

    Cyber Combat Police is the sequel to Cyber Cross, also from Face. Both share a tokusatsu inspiration, but Cyber Combat Police introduces the cool Metal Hero armor, wherea Cyber cross had a more Sentai theme.
    The armor design is quite interesting, and looks very distinctive from any other Metal Heroes in town.
    The game itself is a pretty classic beat-them-up, with an energy bar system pretty much like Galivan, actually. Not much to say about it, but the armor design is very cool! :)