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    Thursday, december 11th : Janperson page added
    Created a Janperson gallery and story page in the gallery section. Check it out to know more about this MEtal Hero from the early 90's!

    Tuesday, december 9th : Video games metal heroes added
    Created a new page dedicated to a few video game original metal heroes. This page is the first step to serious update of the gallery section.

    This feature will soon be available

    Gavan Gallery
    Space Sheriff GAVAN was the show that created the "metal hero" concept.
    "Metal Hero" can be defined as : a human sized hero (not godzilla sized) fighting alone (not in a rainbow colored team) against evil (Just like any other tokusatsu show. Well, it still is a tokusatsu show! :) ) in a metal robot-like suit (Thus the "METAL hero" name, 'see!).

    Check out the elements that build the concept :


    The helmet is the key of the hero's personnality. Check it out!

    The helmet wouldnt be nothing without :

    Now, there are important thing to know about the Battle Suit. First, the suit is stored in a giant spaceship; and is transmitet by somekind of radio-waves-particles to the hero when he requires it.
    In order to initiate the Battle Suit Transfer, the Space Sheriff has to follow a little choregraphy that is specific to himself. Every new hero has it's own choregraphy; like a fingerprint that will identify him. So japanese! :)
    Once the choregraphy is complete, it usually takes less than 0.05 second to receive and automatically equip the battle suit!


    Here is the supreme leader of the bad guys' (Aka the MAAKU EMPIRE). It doesn't show on that picture, but he is actually stuck into a wall! Maybe that's the reason why he is so evil!
    This said, the french version says it's a computer; so that all wall thing would make sense, after all.
    I've always enjoyed the idea of the supreme bad guy being somekind of mysterious high-tech sculpture!

    A few other bad guys...They sure do look bad!!