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    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

    This feature will soon be available
    Next to several series i collect robots from (Robotech, Patlabor and Votoms), i also gather robots from outher sources, if i think they present an interest.
    Below are a few of those machines.
    The illustrations in this page were scanned from models boxes covers. I own the models, but i haven't built them yet.

    HONDA P3
    Here's one of the rare models of an *existing* robot! It is also a model of a human-sized robot, as opposed to all of my anime giant robots models.
    The P3 is part of the "Humanoid Robot" development program from Honda.
    This version (P3 stands for "Proto-3") was the last prototype before the development and release of the world-famous ASIMO, the first consumer market humanoid robot.
    I own this P3 model, but i haven't built it yet. I also own a P2 model, already built. I should make a picture of the P2 and create a Honda robots page...

    Martian Successor NADESICO : Artillery Battle Frame
    Whoohoo, thanks to this scan, i've finally taken the time to read the box inscriptions in details, and discovered this is a Nadesico model!
    It's been years since i wondered what this mecha could come from!
    Anyway, now i know it's a Nadesico machine (and i also know what Nadesico machines look like, too!), but i do not know much about the show...
    Anyway, i think this machine is interesting because of it's weird, block-design, this heavy-armed look and because of it's weird core behind his heavy armor. The look of the legs and the idea of using them as a cannon structure are unusual and interesting!
    I own this model, not built yet.

    Below are some more details pictures of this machine :
    (Scans are from the model box)