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    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

    This feature will soon be available

    KAWADA Industries HRP Promet
    This page is under construction....

    Quoting this page from Kawada's official Website : "HRP-2 is the final robotic platform for the Humanoid Robotics Project headed by the Manufacturing Science and Technology Center (MSTC), which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) through New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).".

    The page above is actually the best source of information on the Promet robot. The "HRP" subtitles stands for "Humanoid Robotics Project" as quoted, and logically, this robot is one of the most advanced humanoid platform out there.
    The HRP is designed to be used in rough environnements such as construction sites or factories and to cooperate with human workers. As of 2005, it was also famous for executing a complex traditionnal Japanese dance next to a human dancer. The robot was actually "simply" following a pre-recorder movement sequences, instead of actually copying the human dancer's movement, but it was an interesting demonstration of how versatile and precise the robot could be. I may add the video to this page soon.

    Below : left, an early prototype of the HRP legs platform. Right, the HRP-II Promet next to an earlier model.