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    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

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    Miscellaneous Models

    Macross Plus Walkyrie
    It is an evolved version of the original Macross VF-1 Variable Fighters. I do not remember whether this model can change between the 3 battle modes; but it's nice enough in robot ("battroid") mode with it's Huge plasma cannon. The large picture shows the mecha in "normal" battroid mode whereas the small picture on the right shows the cannon in attack mode.

    Orguss (Battroid mode)
    I know very little about this mecha and the show it comes from. I do associate it to macross in some way, maybe because i remember reading somewhere that this mecha is able to adopt the "Battroid" form (it's actual robot form). The "Battroid" mode, and the 3 attack modes it refers to were introduced in Macross; but this mecha is from it's very own show.
    This particular model does not transform in any other mode that the robot mode.

    Gundam MM-03/C HYGOG Thanks go to Christopher Spangler, who sent me all the informations i have about this model!
    This is a mecha from the series Mobile Suit Gundam 0080. I usually do not appreciate Gundam mechas that much, but there are some unusual models that i do find interesting. One of these is the amphibious HYGOG and it's very weird looking design. I remember buying it second-hand, as i found it already built in a shop. I enjoyed getting it since it reminds me of another weird Gundam 0080 robot : the Zugock, that shares the same compact, weird and disturbing design style with this one.