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  • What's new in my robots pages?

    What's new in my robots pages?

    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

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    That's a toy i ever wanted to have since i first discovered it in a catalog when i was a child!
    It's very cool toy, and it's one of a kind : it is the russian dolls of japanese toys robots. Each of 3 robots on the picture fit into the bigger one; so that in the end, the biggest blue robot hosts the 2 smaller ones and the tiny pilot that stands into the the smallest armor!

    As as one both a complete set and 2 extra robots; the large blue one on the picture actually contains two smaller robots like the 2 ones on the foreground. If you look carefully, you will see red parts inside the blue robots arms; these are the inner red robots arms.
    The 3 robots all have their names from biggest to smallest : Garbin, Delinger and Protezer.

    I love that toy! :)

    Mospeada Alpha Fighter
    This is a transformable toy from the Robotech/Mospeada show. It is a version of an alpha fighter that can change into several battle-configurations.
    Although this toy is die-cast metal and pretty detailled, and although some small parts are articulated too, it cannot achieve a complete transformation, it seems that only some parts of the wings will fold on the back.
    Pretty sad, but it remains a cool toy

    Mospeada Cyclone
    This is a pretty rare toy!! It's a mecha i've been dreaming since i was a child : it's a motorbike that changes to a battle armor!
    Manufactured by Gakken, this is the only toy i know from the Cyclone that actually changes between the 2 modes!
    I own the complete set, including the engine (not present on the pictures) and the decals (i haven't put either). Well i still own them if there were not lost, that is. Changing from armor to bike and back again is a complex operation, yet the toy is resistant enough to bear the changes; there's no "fragile" while manipulating. Even though, if something goes bad, the parts will smoothly detach, allowing for putting them back together without any harm to the pieces.

    Macross Queadluun-Rau
    The Queadluun-Rau is a battle pod from the TV show "Macross" known in the west as part of the "robotech" series. It's definitely one of my favorite mecha ever; and apparently, i'm not the only one who appreciate it, considering this robot was released in 2 different color shemes in 2004. Strangely, none of those two colors was green, as the original Queadluun-Rau was in the series; they were red and blue. I've chosen the blue version as i think it enhances the "alien" form factor the most.
    A quick word on this mech(s background : the Queadluun-Rau is a Zentraedi mecha; The Zentraedi is a giant humanoid alien race which clearly separates males and females. The Queadluun-Rau is a female battle-pod; this may explain why the designers chose round shapes and give it this very distinctive look and feel. As a matter of fact, this is the very first robot in my collection that my girlfriend actually noticed as being "different, more interesting than the others". A female mecha indeed!

    Zentraedi Regult battle pods (Macross/Robotech)
    This one is certainly a "Capsule toy", read one of those toys that is sold in Japanese vending machines. It's nicely and finelly designed, though. Older "Regult" toys exist, they are bigger, very expensive nowadays, and they are not as detailled; so i'm quite pleased with those.
    When I've bought the set of macross capsule toys, there were 3 different Valkyrie robots in it, but they seemed very tricky to build and quite fragile, so i've kept them in their bag (how interesting).

    Orguss Orguroid
    I did not know anything about Orguss before just a few months ago when i've made a google for it. I knew the mechas from long ago, however, yet i had no idea what the show was about.
    Well Orguss was created in Japan based on Macross success; so it featured mechas with the trademark 3-modes transformations (humanoid robot => "gerwalk" => jet fighter). The story was apparently about reality being altered by a new kind of bomb that distorted the time-space continuum; resulting in the merging of several parallel dimensions into one single universe.
    I do like this plot, and in the same time i don't, since i've had a similar idea long before discovered it had been used before actually. Anyway, i still think it's a good idea; but the show was never as famous as Macross. Still the licences generated quite a number of toys and models. I've discovered the toys just recently (as of may 2005), they're quite nice although some part are higly fragile.
    The Orguroid here is certainly the most famous Orguss mecha.

    Orguss Drifand MLover MAAIE
    A robot without legs! It will definitely remain the only one of it's kind in my collection for long!
    I *love* these vehicle's design. The original "Gerwalk" vehicle type that was introduced in Macross, a jet-fighter with arms and legs was an interesting innovation. Elaborating on this idea, Orguss designer came up with a simpler jet-fighter with arms. The arms, as well as the small wings, can fold to the rear, so that the arms look like big jet engines (not pictured in the image on the left). The hands are supposed to slide back into the arms when in this position, although they don't in the toy. That's for the most deceiving part of this toy : it's *very* fragile. The cockpit is neat di-cast metal, yet plastic is used for most joints and removable parts. Well joints and removable parts break in a snap...
    Two bad, since this toy is otherwise really cool! It also include a pilot that takes place into the cockpit in a rider position.

    Orguss Gerwalk Nikick
    I bought this one bundled with the Orguroid above. I'm not a fan of it's design and colors, yet the toy convinced me once i actually had it in my hands. It's full of moveable parts, transformations sequences make use of plenty of nice details. I have not been able to figure out how to put the legs in the correct position to achieve a complete "fighter mode" transformation, though.
    So well, i do like this toy, even if i still do not like the robot's appearance and colors very much.

    Orguss Gerwalk Nikick
    Although the Patlabor TV series was aired in France in the late 80's, no licenced products were ever officially released here. I've been able to buy a few of import models; yet i've just recently discovered that plenty of toys existed in Japan. Well, maybe not plenty of them, still it is very to find a toy-patlabor robot there.
    This one is an interesting concept : it's like a plastic model, but with a die-cast articulated core. So it ends up being a nice, poseable toy that can be "undressed" part by part. I wouldn't actually undress it regularly, though, as the snap-on parts actually are as fragile as just any other models parts, it's not like *they* are die-cast.
    The picture here present the toy without the decals. I was too impatient to take a picture after putting them on... The toy will definitely look nicer with them on.

    Wingman's transformable mecha-bike
    That's another rare toy. I'll admit it's not great looking as a robot, but there's more to it in my mind! Wingman was a TV show adapted from a manga by Mazakazu Katsura, and i liked it when i was young. It was about a young student pretending he was a super hero (a japanese breed of super hero, that is; one of this kind), and actually becoming one by the magic of a book from another dimension that turned his drawing into reality.
    Then the boys draws it's own battlesuit, and a few equipment, like this transforming mecha-bike. On the picture is only the mecha form; but, from the side view, it's obvious that there is a bike form. The name of the mecha is not clear. Changing from "Winna" to "Winalt" depending on the translation, it seems to be "winner" on the toy decals.
    So, well, despite it's weird robot look (or because of it?), i like this toy because it is a rare piece from a show i used to like, from an author i still appreciate!

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Here are 3 EVAs from the worldwide cult series Evangelion. At the time when the series was released, i had the feeling that giant robots design was a declining art in Japan, when these weird looking machines came out. Now, after watching the show, i have a different feeling about them. The thing is, they are actually not robots, but artificial biological beings in battle armors. So, watching the show, one will occasionnally see what's under the armor, then progressively start looking differently at these beings. So, well, these toys still fit my robots collection, but i do consider these different.


    Bioman (Biorobo)

    Bioman was the first "sentai" show to hit France in the 80's. I am not quite a sentai fan, altough i do like another genre in the Tokusatsu family, but that's another story!

    Sentai shows are live action shows that became popular in the USA with the power-rangers. The giants robots in those show have a very distinctive style (just like the monsters, by the way!); because they appear in battle scenes where actors wears the robot disguise.
    When i say "wears the robot disguise" i mean it... It's so obvious that this is an actor in disguise that one couldn't really say nothing else! Well, in Star Wars, for instance, i find it hard to believe that there's someone inside C3-PO; and well, no such question in sentai shows!

    Anyway, this has greatly influenced the robot design, that's the point, thus the strong similarity in design between all the sentai robots.

    This robot can can between its robot mode and a "spaceship" mode by a very simple process.
    It's a cool and robust toy!


    See what i mean when i say that all sentai robots have the same overall look?
    Brick-like, colorful design... I couldn't say if i ever saw the "Denziman" show in France; but the robot is cool; plus i got this one as a gift!


    I bought that one since i wanted one of the "pointy head" sentai robots in my collection. Not a lot more to say about it, it's just another typical sentai robot.
    I got it boxed, and the box include a set of very cheap one-piece plastic molded sentai figures. Cheap as hell, but i would have certainly enjoyed it when i was a kid!
    This robot is apparently also transformable, and if i got it right, it should transform into a helicopter; yet i have never tested how to get there.

    Sharivan's Granbirth

    Hehe, now we're talking! The "sentai" type is broadly known as a kind of japanese live action series. There's another kind that i like in particular, it's the "Metal Heroes" kind. I have create a few pages about those, as a matter of fact.
    Well, the first Metal Hero series, although it has debuted at a time when sentai robots existed, did not have it's own giant robot. The robot here is the first giant robot appearing in a Metal Hero series. Well, if this isn't fascinating news...

    So, there are many things i like about this robot and this toy in particular. First, i love the name "Grand Birth" being given to such a machine! Next, just like the Macross SDF-1 is, it is a spaceship in the first place, and as a nice option, also offers a robot form. This robot form is thus quite unusual! As i've read in another page on the web "it looks like a hot-dog and beer seller".
    As a matter of fact, i think the robot form was never to be seen as an actual close-combat robot in the show, but i couldn't say for sure. There again, i would say it's closer to the SDF-1, which changes to robot form just to activate a mega-missile mode.
    The toy itself is very detailled, it's quite big, has lots of moving parts and the transformation steps are nicely designed.

    Spielvan's Daileon

    And here's another robot from a Metal Hero show. I would say there aren't any more of them beside these two; yet i might be wrong. Thing is, i definitely have enough material at home to check if i wanted to, but hey... lazyness...
    So what have we got here? Another space ship that changes into a robot; yet this one was actually a combat robot in the show; judging by a few screenshots i've seen.


    Front Mission "Zenislev" Robot

    Video Game is the "next big thing", to me, as for robot design, after anime.

    Front mission was realeased in 1995 for the Super Nintendo; and the series now has 3 episodes (episodes 2 and 3 were released for the Sony Playstation)
    The Zenislev robot appears in Front Mission 3, it's the heroe's mecha and it's a quite balanced and powerful machine. It's one of the best-looking robots in the game, to me; although i managed to create interesting designs by exchanging parts from different other robots!


    Whooops what's the name of this one? Huh i'll have to check in this book i have.

    Meanwhile, Virtual-On is an interesting game, with somehow-interesting robots. I must confess i bought this one one day when i really wanted to get back home with a new piece for my collection; but i was not like i fall in love with Virtual-on robots at first sight.

    Armored Core I've never played Armored core, neither do i know the name of this robot. I couldn't say much about it actually... There was a lot of equipment in the package, like guns and so on, but here it is naked. There were several Armored Core robots available when i've bought this one, then suddenly they all disappeared from the shops; whereas i was considering buying a few more of them.


    Honda Asimo

    Along with the growing number of humanoid robots projects in Japan, real-robots inspired toys are becoming a reality. I've already seen at least another real-robot toy, that was based on the Pino robot; but this one is the world famous Asimo. This toys is very poseable and quite well executed but looks a little cheap. I own another, bigger Asimo toy, which is not pictured in this page yet; as well as a few super-deformed versions.



    I didn't know about Z-Knights before i saw some in a shop and decided to buy those!

    For those of you who know ZOIDS, these toys have a similar basis: model-like, glueless kits with some sort of orange caps to sticks parts togethers.
    Like ZOIDS, Z-Knights are also mechanized, but instead of most ZOIDS' hand powered motor, Z-Knights use a big electric motor that form the central part of the robot.

    All Z-Knights have the same kind of animation: they walk in a really cool way and move their arms.

    This one is CPU, the master of evil-fighting Z-Knights.

    Scorpion Z-Knight

    TOMY released about 10 different Z-Knights models, those are the 2 i appreciate the most.
    Other ones vary from the old classic 70's look to the transformer's "insect" look. I prefer those "real-like" heavy machines looks!

    Kyosho Gunwalker

    The Kyosho Gunwalker was born from the joined effort of the Robot Garage research program and the Kyosho models maker. It is close to the Z-Knights in the way that it's an animated walking robot, but there's more to it : it's also remote-controlled and it is able to take turns! There's one drawback, though, as the walking mechanism relies on electro-magnets to make the feet stick to the ground, so the robot can only walk on it's supplied metallic base (or on any magnetic surface, i assume), thus limiting it's range of application. It's still a cool toy, and it's design is due to Kaztaka Miyatake, designer of the Macross Destroid mechas.