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    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

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    My Votoms Models Collection
    Very few do i know about this show. Although it sounds interesting, i've never found enough information to fully understand the plot and the background story.
    The mechas, however, are great : full functionnal look, they are designed as war machines and it shows!
    If battle tanks had legs, they could just look like those machines! :) ...


    Those two models have a removable top/head part and a pilot inside.


    Although i did not put any clue in the picture as for the model scale, this is the smallest model i've ever built!
    This model is just a big higher than the size of my thumb!