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    Wednesday, apr. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Toys page with pictures and details for a few new toys.

    Sunday, feb. 6th, 2005 :
    Updated the Fujitsu, Nec and Promet pages with pictures, text and a video.

    Wednesday, sept. 8th, 2004 : BN-1
    Added a Bandai BN-1 page to my real robots collection. Also updated the Wonderborg page a bit.

    This feature will soon be available
    Armored Troopers Votoms are pretty cool human operated tank-sized robots.

    I dont know much more about them, neither do i know much about the (old) anime they come from.
    All i know so far : VOTOM stands for "Vertical One-man Tank for Offense and Maneuvers".
    I've recently discovered more about the Votom background story from this very complete site, and it sounds pretty cool.
    I found Votoms interesting since they look as real as a real "humanoid" war machine would be. They have this very unique design that make them the perfect mix between a fantasy war machine and actual heavy equipment.
    Designing the mecha with realism in mind is the reason why i like the japanese Sci-Fi robots evolution so much!

    AT-09-ST Scopedog

    This machine is the AT ScopeDog. The hero of the show, Chirico Cuvie, is the pilot of such a machine.

    Technical Specs : weight 6,627 kg; max. speed 41 km/h

    The picture on the left is scanned from the model box, while the picture below is a shot of the built model (It's an amazingly small scale model) :

    (The model is built in the original pastic-molded colors)

    ATH-14-WPC SN-Turtle

    Here is the SN-Turtle.
    8,481 kg for a max. speed of 41 km/h is all i know about it!

    Below is the illustration for the box of the model i own but haven'y built yet.

    I also have a model of this one, which i haven't built yet... (Armored Trooper-Heavy-14-Water Proof Custom

    My built Votoms models can be seen in my votoms models page